Sunlife’s Dynamic Fund in Maxilink One

And the market has spoken.  In just four days after it was launched on November 10, Php 400 million pesos have been subscribed.  Latest data as of November 15 showed that this amount increased to close to Php 800 million last Friday.  The fund closes once the P2 billion capital threshold is reached. Don’t miss out on this. If you want to get the best of both worlds, protection and investment, this is it.  For inquiries, PM me or email me at For more details, read on below.



dynamic fund

Mark your calendars everyone. Tomorrow is the launch of Sunlife’s Dynamic Fund as a fund option in Maxilink One, which is a single-pay investment-linked insurance.  The best feature of the Dynamic Fund: it’s a swing fund that switches between equities, bonds, and cash depending on the market conditions.  It’s aggressive when the market is up, allocating as much as 90% on equities.  When the market is down, it adopts a defensive stance opting for bonds and cash instead.  It is thus an adaptive, agile, and flexible fund that aims to maximize returns by taking advantage of market opportunities.

The Dynamic Fund was first launched as as MUTUAL FUND last July 2014 with an approved Php 2 billion peso capital tranche.  You know what happened? It was sold out in its first month and was even oversubscribed at Php 2.7 billion pesos!  To date, the Dynamic Fund has generated more than 5% return in just over 3 months, meaning if you placed Php 100,000 last July, its value would now be more than Php 105,000.  You wouldn’t get that in a time deposit account, with just a hundred thousand pesos and in just three months.  That MUTUAL FUND is closed now since it already reached its capital limit. But you can still take advantage of the Dynamic Fund as a fund option in the Maxilink One variable-unit linked insurance (VUL).

What is Maxilink One? It is a SINGLE PAY insurance.  You won’t be billed for any succeeding annual, semi-annual, or quarterly premiums.  The minimum one-time placement required is Php 250,000 and I suggest you maximize this since additional “deposits” or top-ups are not allowed.  The insurance coverage is 125% of the amount you invested, meaning if you placed P250,000, you will be insured for an amount of P312,500 pesos. What’s more, there are NO UPFRONT CHARGES, so 100% of your money will be invested for faster wealth accumulation.  There’s also a GUARANTEED INSURABILITY offer, which means that regardless of age (until 70 years old only) and medical history, you will be approved and won’t be required to take any medical examinations.  Just like a mutual fund or a bank deposit, you can withdraw from your fund value anytime. Exit rates apply if you take out your investment within five years: 5% on the 1st year, 4% on the 2nd year, 3% on the 3rd year, 2% on the 4th year, and 1% on the 5th year. After the fifth year, there are no charges.

Is this FUND for you?  This is a financial solution for individuals with moderate to high-risk tolerance, aiming to maximize the returns on their idle and liquid assets, which are just stuck in the bank and losing to inflation year after year.  This is for grandparents who want to endow their beloved apos with a “liitle” something when they come of age.  This is for employees who wish to build a retirement fund or for parents looking to finance their children’s college education.  This is for anybody who has a financial need in the long run, doesn’t need the money now and can afford to forget it in the next few years. To give you an illustrative example of the returns, assuming an 8% growth rate per year, see attached table.  These values are compounded at 8% using this formula: Principal x (1.08) raised to the number of years.  In ten years, if the fund grows constantly at 8% per year, your investment would have more than doubled. That’s passive income for you. That’s your money working hard for you.

Number of years
Amount 5 10 20 30
   250,000.00    367,332.02        539,731.25   1,165,239.29   2,515,664.22
   500,000.00    734,664.04    1,079,462.50    2,330,478.57   5,031,328.44

Of course, every seasoned investor knows nothing is guaranteed when you invest in stocks. Yes, you could lose in the short run but if you let time do its work, if you don’t panic and pull out when the market is down, the returns are rewarding.  If you let your money sleep in the bank, yes you are guaranteed your money is preserved but it’s also guaranteed that you will lose the real value of your money.  Do you think that your Php250,000 now will be able to buy Php250,000 worth of goods after 1 year? 2 years?

This is one of Sunlife’s products that I’m really excited and passionate about, that I’m even going as far as to subscribe and take advantage myself. Give yourself the gift of financial freedom this Christmas. Don’t let this opportunity slip away. Given the highly favorable market response on the Dynamic Fund as a mutual fund, I don’t think this will be open in the market for long. For inquiries, you can reach me at Happy investing!

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